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As Chief Scientist for Hummingbird Scientific, Dr. Stach brings more than a decade of experience in developing innovative solutions for in situ experiments in the TEM. While working at the National Center for Electron Microscopy, Dr. Stach was a Principal Investigator and directed the Metals Program in the Material Science Division. He has published approximately 50 archival journal publications in journals such as Nature, Science, Physical Review Letters, Nano Letters, and Applied Physics Letters as well as 30 refereed conference publications, 140 oral and poster presentations (40 invited), edited 2 books and authored 2 book chapters.

Dr. Stach has led teams of engineers and precision machinists to develop numerous novel holders for electron microscopy, with a special emphasis on nanoindentation and nanomanipulation in the TEM. Dr. Stach directed a group at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory focused on developing sample holders to improve the state of the art in precision positioning of samples in the TEM under the umbrella of the DOE's TEAM project.


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ERIC STACH / Ph.D. Chief Scientist